If you haven’t done so, please read my story first, so you get the idea of what type quality you can expect from me. As I am in the final process of recovering from years of narcissistic abuse that went on pretty much all throughout my life, I am finally trying to get back into society with confidence and high self-esteem. Apart from the economical point of view, by placing your order you are showing me that I can bring value and that I am to be trusted. Thank you.

Ask me a question on any matter and let me get back to you with an in depth answer. Depending on the complexity of your question it will take me anywhere from 1 to 3 business days to reply.  Full money back guarantee. 

Let’s correspond via e-mail until we reach that conclusion you have been looking for. I will write with you back and forth until you feel that we have fully covered your topic. I reply a couple of times during the day. Full money back guarantee.

Spend an hour with me whether it would be on a phone, skype, zoom, messenger or whatsapp. We can just do an audio talk or we can connect through a camera as well. It is all up to you. Full money back guarantee.