Currently I have raised 400 USD out of the 5000 USD that I need just for the legal expenses.

I am raising money to pay for the lawyer, court fees and child services probation officer (yes those are paid in Poland). They money will be also used rebuild the time lost with my son - vacations etc.

It has been over 6 months that me and my son have not seen each other. Even though the court ordered that we get to spend every 1st and 3rd weekend of the month, his mother incessantly refuses our contact. The police cannot do anything about it because in Poland it is not possible to force the handing over of the child and there is there is no penalty for a parent who commits parental alienation (there is legislation in the process but it has been stuck in the parliament for years).

This is the last time I have seen my son.  July 18th 2020 together with his friend we went to a carnival in our city Szczecin - Poland.

The fight for my son