It took me 36 years to realize what it is that I truly want from life. From going to the clubs every weekend, having been on countless dates while trying to find that perfect match or dreaming about that sports car that I could show off in I came to the following conclusion. In order to have a fulfilling life experience there are just a few things that I want to do and here is my list:

·      It is the peace and quiet that comes from having freedom to travel with my son and showing him the wonders of this world.

·      It is by taking care of my son to the best of my ability being of help and support for his needs.

·      It is helping others through my charity and teaching my son how to be assistance for others.

·      It is writing books, doing my blog and putting up videos and podcasts on the internet so that I could be of an example for those who lost hope in a better future. I want to inspire and motivate people all around the world.

·      It is by bringing the consciousness of the humanity to a higher level by constantly working on my compassion towards everyone that I meet.

Thank you.