A few years ago I decided to start a charity. Since I am a super empath it was natural for me to take this course of action in my life. The charity was established in September 2017 when I broke up with my ex after spending over a decade with her. As she said at the time, she did not want to share any space with any man at home no more. I know that was her way of coping with her issues. For me it felt like the world was over and it was either suicide or do something about it. After months of going through therapy trying to get over the trauma I came to realize that devoting myself to others would lead to my salvation. Please meet the wonderful people I get to work with everyday now.

Leokadia I met in front of my office building one day, she was trying to get up a couple of stairs to the sidewalk and couldn’t manage because it was slippery and there was no handrail. Obviously I helped her and started to visit her regularly since then. She is 94 years old but she’s got more spirit then some of the people I know my age. Please read her story here. 

Artur was born on January 5th 2020 with a severe defect to his skull. He has to undergo a surgery in order to develop proper head and brain growth. If left untreated he has a very high chance of having deformations. Please read here how you can help his parents with the treatment.

called me up one day if I could help him with a fundraiser for a special type of wheelchair that could help him get around places he couldn’t visit no more. We are talking about stairs, high curbs and other obstacles that are not suitable for his regular wheelchair. Not only did I start a fundraiser but also started visiting him from time to time. That man is brave and he has a lot of character and charisma. Meet him.

From time to time I like to go to the forest, but my heart cries out when I see all the garbage that people dump there. So I take my gloves a couple plastic bags and while I enjoy nature I pick up the trash and make it look fresh. Please check this page out for more vidoes and photos. 

If you guys remember the movie „Saving Private Ryan” you will soon realize that real life plays out bigger drama then Spielberg could have ever created. Wladyslawa is 88 years old and she buried the last of her four sons on Christmas of 2018. All she asked me for was not to be alone for Christmas. So on Christmas Eve I went down an hours drive from home to give her a hug and wish her all the best. We want to renovate her bathroom as the one she is using now is not suitable for her old age. Read more here please.

Meeting that great lady you get to see below led me to another wonderful opportunity to make friends that day. After I dropped her of downtown I stumbled upon Adam and his two awesome dogs. Adam lost his daughter when she died of cancer and now he has to take care of his grandchildren. We want to support him with food, clothing and help for his animals. Watch a great video here

I left for the office one day later then usually. I was surprised by this lady from my neighborhood when she approached me and asked me to drive her to the nearest bus stop. She said that when she sees somebody who is getting into the car with a big smile on his face she will ask for this favor. She is 82 years old and has to use crutches. So I asked her, where does she want to go? She said to the bust stop because she wants to go to downtown. So I took her.. downtown This was like the nicest 15 minutes I have spent in my car in a long time. I don’t even regret the fact that I missed the breakfast at the local McDonald’s So I went off for some pasties. Read here how you can join me in helping senior citizens.

Nicole and Alicia are kids from Ukraine that undergo cancer treatment. It was my only visit to that beautiful country and unfortunately I was not able to help them at the time. I will try however to get back there when the coronavirus is over and try to do a fundraiser for their care.

Bogdan was sitting in front of a church when I approached him in April 2019. It was obvious to me that this man needs help. He’s got no legs and all he cared about at the time were pigeons that he was feeding. Check out the video and see what my charity has done for him so far. With your help we could do more. 

‚s mother called us at the beginning of 2019 and asked us to help her with purchasing a professional tilting table for her daughter. We are trying to raise the funds through my charity to purchase that equipment for her. Read more.

met Robert one day in December 2018 when I went for a walk through the city. He asked me if I could spare some change for him as he was hungry. I took him out to KFC and does was some best time spent ever :). Please read here how I help homeless people and how you can help too.

Rafael, Justine and Paul
are the greatest bunch of kids you could ever meet. We have been helping them out since November 2018 after their mother wrote to us a very emotional e-mail asking for help. Click here please to read more about them and how you could too. 

joined us in August 2018. He wrote this emotional e-mail: „I am 51 years old, poor, lonely and I suffer from schizophrenia. I recently went through a heart attack and my only income is 150 dollars per month. After I pay the bills I have no money left to live. Please help me.„. Ever since then I have been helping Mark by paying for his medications, buying him food and clothing. We also provide him with coal every winter. Read more about Mark and what we did for him.

I met one day by the sea in June 2018. He was walking around asking for food. He went through a lot in his life, he is very young and he just needs a helping had, somebody to guide him. I paid for his food and gave him some pocket money that day promising him that I would always help him if he came to me. See video.

Peter and
his daughter Julia have been with us since December 2017. We have helped them out in many ways by buying them  food supplies, purchasing home equipment for them and sending them on a vacation now and then. Please watch the emotional video of the father trying to provide the best for his daughter.

lost his legs when he fell under the tramway back in 1998. He is homeless and travels through Poland and Germany hoping to get something out of his life. I purchased a ticket for him to travel back to his home town when I met him in 2017 and promised him I would help him out in the future:

For more information please visit – and if you would like to support my charity directly please click the donate button below. Thank you.