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It is good to work a job that you enjoy. It is even better if you love what you do for a living. It seams best when you do the things that you were trully made for. For the past thirteen years I have been running an online store with medical equipment but deep inside I always felt that I am just a middle man not having much of an impact on my career. I was always dependant to the moods and price changes imposed by equipment manufacturers and distributors. I had to constantly adapt the offer to the current market trends and follow the changes in the offer of my suppliers, and that constant price fight for the client, where the margin sometimes fell below my dignity.

It took me 37 years to realize that years of growing up in three different highly dysfunctional homes has served me a purpose to gain skills in a job that requires:

– building relationships with people,
– strategic thinking,
– getting out of oppression,

Today I know that what in childhood grew to the rank of survival, developed in me high competence, which I now can put into use in my professional life. If you give me a chance, know that I will be fully involved when you need:

– motivation for you or the team of people you work with,
– implementation and improvement of procedures in the enterprise you manage,
– storytelling for your company, service or product in an unconventional way in order to establish a relationship with the client,
– assistance in negotiations or mediations,
– analysis of your current situation in order to work out the best path to solve your problems,
– conversations on uncommon, personal and sensitive topics,

On page – I wrote part of my story. If you decide to entrust me with your order, be sure that I will carry it out with the greatest care. After all, my survival depends on it.

Write to me at contact(at) or call me +48-91-407-5830

Ask me a question on any matter and let me get back to you with an in depth answer. Depending on the complexity of your question it will take me anywhere from 1 to 3 business days to reply.  Full money back guarantee. 

Let’s correspond via e-mail until we reach that conclusion you have been looking for. I will write with you back and forth until you feel that we have fully covered your topic. I reply a couple of times during the day. Full money back guarantee.

Spend an hour with me whether it would be on a phone, skype, zoom, messenger or whatsapp. We can just do an audio talk or we can connect through a camera as well. It is all up to you. Full money back guarantee.