Who am I? I am a person who is constantly seeking for answers. I’ve been through some of the darkest nightmares imaginable and came back to tell you all about it. My mission is to help anyone who requests my assistance. I do not have that canvassers talk, I do not have a fancy advertising campaign and I will never charge a penny for a product or a service that I do not believe it. I only do what I feel and than I immerse myself fully. If you are into numerology you must know that I am a nine. That is a profound number and I am all about helping others. I was never a go getter and I would rather stand alone on the side trying to pick out any lost souls to give them a fresh breath of hope. If you got some time to spare, please read my story. Considering the fact that just under three years ago I was wishing that I could cease to exist the least I could do for myself right now is at last to be heard. I hope that I could be an inspiration for a change for you. Thank you.